Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pouring Pores

Can I just say first of all that I do understand that we are not all the same. I know each person has a distinct genetic make up and that our bodies react differently even to the same things but let us be clear on one thing, your genetic makeup or body reaction is not an excuse to inconvenience or hurt other people. I am very serious!

It is completely okay to sweat buckets, its no one's fault really but thank God for the wisdom he has bestowed upon some to produce effective antiperspirant deodorants and fragrances that mask unpleasant odour. Buy them, use them and smell nice.

Recently, I took a napep headed to Ogba. I was the first to get in after which the next passenger came in with a gigantic map of sweat around his armpit area. I squashed in the corner, angling my shoulders not to make direct contact with his armpit. If that was all I had to deal with, I definitely would have lived.

The stench oozing from his armpits were so pungent, at some point, I shifted till I had my back to him and my nose was out of the napep; I needed the breath of fresh air. It may seem mean, but it honestly was that bad, I was almost choking.  There are times I sit beside pleasantly fragranced men and women, though far between, those days make bus-riding pleasant.


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