Monday, October 03, 2011

*holding up a finger while gritting my teeth* Don’t……

Related imageIt seems to me like at some point when the world froze all females in time, all our men attended a 1-day workshop where they were taught and trained to apologise the moment they notice an important female in their life is angry.

Take for instance, a few days back, my friend had done something to piss me off. At the time, he must have been oblivious to the fact that I would get pissed. When he noticed I was pissed about something, he immediately apologised.

I hear a male ask, “But isn’t that what women want”?

Well, you are on track but you just do not seem to get it. All that training, wasted! And I’m guessing it’s one of two things, whoever trained the entire male folk either did a bad job or the male folk are a bit slow. Either way, the problem still exists i.e. if it has not been worsened.

“Worsened?” Yeah, worsened!

After my friend apologized, I became livid. Why? He did not even know for what reason he was apologizing. I know it may seem to our men folk that we are asking for too much, after all, they do have their ego.

Is it not, however logical that when a girl is pissed at you, you ask exactly why she is upset and then, apologize it she has a point? What if she is under the wrong impression and you are the one who deserves the apology after all?

Aside all that, it’s actually insulting you know. I’m pissed about something and you just apologize without finding out why I am upset. It’s like you shutting me up so I don’t get to ‘rake’ about how you peeved me. I mean, who does that anyway?! (It’s a rhetorical question, just in case……)

Like I said earlier, you ‘guys’ just don’t seem to get it………and that, is a loaded statement by the way!