Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What Bunmi Finally Got To Say!

She has literally become a shadow of herself, losing confidence and esteem as the relationship progresses and time passes. She has never really been upset by the things she deserved and never got, or the ones that were wrongfully taken away from her. What drove her crazy was how she was treated, how her entitlements were denied her and how the others were snatched from her.

Bunmi is in a relationship with a significant other who holds most of the trump cards... or so she believes. Bunmi is in a relationship, one that has evolved to become psychologically and emotionally abusive. She is no saint, she has her faults in truth but she has continually been raped by her significant other, usually with a grin on his face.

Each time, she would look her significant other in the face, unable to fight or scream or scold because he holds most of the trump cards... or so she believes. Through it all, she has never really been able to do anything or hurt her significant other, there was simply no way out and so she has never had any form of respite till today.

Today, her significant other raped her again! He took from her what he shouldn't have. Again, it wasn't about what he was taking it, it was about HOW he was taking it. She could never understand why he had to take things from her like she was a gutter snipe who didn't even deserve the very air she breathes, when as a matter of fact, she knows deep down she deserves better.

Oh, how bitter Bunmi was! How much she wanted to get back at him without off-setting the trump cards. No, this wasn't about getting her valuables back. This was not about getting revenge. This was a matter of reserving whatever little dignity she had left. This was about self-respect and standing up for herself.

She didn't want much today. Matter of fact, she wanted only one thing today. She had to get it done today or she might as well walk away leaving all the trump cards with her significant other. She got what she wanted! She got to say "FUNK YOU" to her significant other, and this time, with a smile on HER face. Oh... and FUNK the trump cards too!

Copyright 2016 @ Seyi Ogunsi