Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spare Legs

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The bike picked up speed and swerved in-between two vehicles moving in opposing directions. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Oga, take it easy oh. Ehen!
Bikeman: Ahn ahn madam. Wetin sef? Nothing has happened now
(I paused and considered pursuing that line of argument but I changed my mind
Me: Well, I am just telling you oh because if one tiny scratch just touch my leg, I will not take “sorry” oh
Bikeman: Haaa! Madam are you not a Christian. Can’t you forgive?
(I decided explaining my argument on that last statement would be futile so I don’t bother
Me: You don’t want to find out, trust me. Just drive carefully.

(He makes another crazy swerve to get ahead…)
Me: Oga, e be like say you get spare legs for your house abi? Me I don’t have so you better be careful because next time, I will pinch you
Bikeman: Na wa oh. Be like say you get vex issues. You just dey para since
Me: Oga, na you get your mouth. Drive me gently

(He drove safely and got me home in one piece)

Copyright 2016 @ Seyi Ogunsi