Monday, August 22, 2011

A Way from Evergreen!

We had just dropped off my fiancé and were on our way home when we got stuck in traffic. Of course it would take a while for the traffic to clear up and I did not want to bother about how much time I would waste, so I reclined my chair and relaxed. I dozed off a bit and in that little time......

.           .           .           .           .           

I had a dream about a beautiful seedling, very green. It had lots of water; and sunlight from a source I could not identify. Right there, it made significant growth. All of a sudden, the light started to dim, slowly but surely. The water’s flow also started to reduce gradually.

Image result for a healing plantThe plant kept growing still, at a slower pace now. Eventually, the light totally vanished and the water supply was cut-off but the plant still remained green for a short while. Then, suddenly, the plant started to whither from the tip of its still immature leaves.
As time progressed, the leaves started to fall off one by one and its frail branches started to dry up. An unexplainable pain tore at my heart and I started to scream for help. The seedling that had grown to be a young tree, right before my own eyes was beginning to die and I could do nothing. I screamed for the water to be turned on, I yelled for the dark to slide off the sky but it seemed the control officers had gone on sabbatical.

The dryness crept towards the stem and I sank to the ground, crying in deep agony of the unfairness of it all. Well, what do you know? The leave must have ended because all of a sudden, light started to show through and the water came on, first , in droplets and then in increasing quantity.

I then sat on the ground crossed-ankle and watched as the little tree started to heal at a painfully slow pace. After awhile, I got up to leave, knowing that, though it would take quite awhile, my young tree will bounce back. Yes, it will bounce back!

                                    .           .           .           .           .           

I roused from my sleep and tried to figure out what this dream could possibly mean. Of course one cannot take the dream literally, it has to signify something. That being established, Nigeria came to mind.

It’s quite simple really. I represent the people, smiling watching the young tree- Nigeria- grow. Falling in love with it and wanting to be identified with it, up until corrupt individuals- the control officers- our rulers, decided to withdraw the resources- the water and sunlight- necessary for our growth.

We thank God however, that things are beginning to look up a bit. It definitely will take time to restore Nigeria back to perfect health but we will get there. We may not have perfect health till the days of our great-grand children but we will get there, eventually.

Where Stupid Starts?!

I walked to the side of my office where the shelves were located, grabbed off the tissue box and walked back to the table. I offered her the tissue, sat across from her and held her hand. She sobbed quietly and blew her nose frequently.

Maxine and I have been friends for a very long time. Ours is a very strange friendship. We do not hang out together or do any girly stuff together. However, because we both aren’t very open people, we confide only in each other, keep each other’s secrets and offer the best advice we can (after enough thought, of course).

We feel no shame in sharing our most stupid decisions and experiences. We do not look down on each other. We share ideas and even map up strategies for work but that is all there is and possibly all there will ever…….

“Tosin, do you know how many times I have made this same mistake?” she asked.

“It’s alright dear, you will be just fine”, I replied.

“Don’t you think I’m stupid?”

“No, I do not. You made a stupid mistake, yes but that does not make you a stupid person”, I reassured her as I squeezed her hand.

I could lie to her you know, say things to make her smile but it is of no use because she will beat herself up once she leaves my office. She might as well get it over with while I am here to pacify her.

I still had a few files strewn on my desk but it was okay to sit with her as I had done more than I planned for the day, besides, it was almost time to go home anyway. I held her hand for another five minutes and then let go.

“You know what girl? Go home, get good food, have a warm bath, cry some more and then watch this”, I said as I handed her the season4 of ‘Everybody Hates Chris’. She smiled a little and nodded. I walked her to the door and as she paused to look at me, I gave her a reassuring smile, a warm hug and a pat on the back.

When the door closed, I sighed and walked lazily to my desk. Come to think of it, is Maxine not stupid? Maxine is constantly having unprotected sex with her partner and countless times, she could have gotten pregnant and so many times, she had been lucky not to but now she is.

Now, you might say she is not a kid, why not get married? It is bad timing, that is why. Maxine is due to make Associate in one of the most prestigious law firm in West Africa and not only that, Jason, her partner is about to open up his art studio. Need I tell you that they are both working crazy hours right now to ensure they both reach their goals?

These two are highly ambitious people and there is no way they had give up everything or risk sacrificing everything at this critical point. I know Maxine is struggling because she is catholic and abortion is not an acceptable practice.

Usually, when Maxine has a challenge and I see her to the door, I would tell her not to worry, that I will think about it and give her an advice the next day. Today, I said nothing because I know it is not my place to advice her this time considering all at stake.

I shook my head and sighed, “Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!”