Thursday, May 03, 2012

sweet and sour 2

I strolled into the continuity studio in my comfy and warm mini gown. I had gotten everything done as I wanted but could only get half an hour sleep. I was getting set for my show when I realised I forgot my flash drive at home. You see, I have two laptops- one at home and one at work, so all I have to do is transfer my work on a flash drive from home to use on my computer at work.

I hurried back to the lounge and shouted at Ben, my work buddy to help start and stall the program till I got back. I dashed to the nearest herd of bikemen. They already knew me so all I had to say was, “take me home”. I jumped off the bike and ran towards the house but stopped short at my door…there were dim lights inside. It was a little surprising since we almost never get robbery attacks in my area and it was still too early to even rob…it was only 6: 45pm.

I opened the door with my keys as I thought Bola must have left worked a little ear…”uhn!” I jumped. I had stepped on a cluster of rose petals strewn all over the floor. I looked at the trail, it led into my bedroom. There were candles lit and a sweet fragrance I didn’t recognize.

I took a deep breath and smiled, “Ok!”

It’s a little strange that Bola would do this as he knows I’m meant to be at the studio but who cares?! I pulled off my gown and went in semi-nude. I walked into the room but it was empty. All of a sudden, I feel a warm palm on my back and my mind went blank. It was quite dark as the blinds were closed and there was absolutely no light…I moved in to kiss Bola and felt a little gloss on his lips. As I leaned into his body, my boobs hit something just as similar and then I pushed and screamed.

I ran for the lights and just as I suspected, Chris was standing there, nude!

“What the f**k?!” I yelled.

“Oh, so If it had really been Bola, you would have slept with him”, she spat.

“And in my room?!” I wasn’t listening to her, I was too struck with disbelief….my mouth was still agape.

“You ungrateful wench! After the juicy offer I made you, you turn to treat me like this?”

My hands jerked and started lashing out. It wasn’t until she blocked off my hands that I realised I had been slapping her. It was like I went into some sort of rage that seized me. My initial reaction at my outburst was shock and then it gradually dissolved into a grin. Chris had been pushing my buttons and now I have finally snapped. Whatever she got, she deserved!

She held her face and stared.

“Pack all your trash and get the hell out of my house before I tear you apart.”

It didn’t take her long. As we both headed out I said, “Hand me the keys with you”.

I knew that was milking it a little too much and was a little surprised because she did. She stormed off and drove away in a hurry.

The night at the station was quite interesting and tiring. There was a long phone-in session and a lot of people had quite a lot to whine about. I unlocked my door and strolled in tired.

“Good morning dear”, I said to Bola, my voice barely louder than a whisper.

“How was your day yeaterday?” he really didn’t sound concerned.

“Eventful. I’ll give you the details later”, I said as I made to walk into my room

“Tell me now”, he literally barked at me. "I got a call from Chris’ father this morning, telling me that the deal is off and when I asked why, He mumbled something about violent roommates assaulting other people’s daughters.

I was no longer sleepy. I sighed and launched into the full story.

“Go to bed”, He was so sullen!

Image result for heart brokenI left without a word. Now wasn’t time to apologize, it would only make him madder. As I fell into bed, I checked my wristwatch; it was 6:13am. My mind started racing. I felt bad about how I messed Bola’s deal. He worked way too hard to lose it….

I woke up at 11:07am and dragged to the living room. Bola was just stepping in so I apologized, profusely!

He said not to worry, that it had all been settled but he gave no details. I decided not to push it, I could ask for details later. I was to have a meeting for 1:00pm so I got all showered and dressed. I left home in time for my meeting so I could beat traffic.

After my meeting, I hooked up with my some old friends. I thought to call Bola but I thought to let him be. I eventually headed home at 5:00pm. I had had a great time out with my friends. As I walked into the house, it seemed a little strange but I didn’t bother. I flopped on the settee and slept off.

I woke up an hour later but didn’t get up. My mind was blank and I simply stared at the wall. After awhile, I tilted my head to the right as I kept staring at a particular part of the wall that looked cleaner. Just then, I realised Bola’s picture used to hang there.

I jerked and looked at the table, Bola’s desktop was gone. I swung my head to check for his play station, gone! His ball, gone! I ran into his room, empty! I ran into my room, his picture on my dressing table was gone. I sank into the bed and felt something under my bum… a note?

It was short, with no explanation and no apologies. It simply read,

“I took Chris’ VGC offer that you turned down”