Friday, November 06, 2015

Blast KimKay Away!

I felt compelled to write about this KimKay brouhaha or should I say i had series of questions floating around my head and I just had to come share...

Why are we angry? Is it because we went out of our way to invite a celebrity who never even thought of us, paid her a huge sum of money for nothing and therefore expected her to courtesy every time someone mentions Nigeria; and she didn't?

Is it because after showering her with a ridiculous amount, she has the guts to say what she really thinks (the correctness of her thought is irrelevant at this point), instead of giving flowery compliments about Nigeria? Because she dared to insult us?

We called her a whore, a prostitute, a woman with no morals now, simply because she expressed herself....did we not know all these before or even when she visited? Before the whole state went into a craze or when we all paused our lives just to watch her.

Did she ask to be contact at all? Abi no be "jeje jeje she siddon for her shair" before we choose to go consult her?

What is with all the vehemence and insults anyway? Are we apes? Do we come from the lineage of apes? I'm "guessing" the answer is "NO". So what exactly is the problem? Why let yourself be disturbed by the opinion of an uninformed person?

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way trying to defend Kim here. I do not like her lifestyle and I do not think she is a person worth emulating. I am so indifferent about her that she may as well fall of the face of the earth tomorrow, it wouldn't bother me in the least!

What bothers me is our attitude to her statement, our passion, the heat and anger with which we are responding.  Are we indirectly saying that she is right and we are thereby angered by the truth in her words. Maybe we don't look like apes but are we responding to some sort of metaphoric primitiveness that her statement might have presented?

If not, are we saying we are so jobless and can\t find anything productive to do with our time and emotions that we have decided to waste it on her, to waste it replying a tweet that is barely 60words?

Or are we insecure and still taken by the idea of a foreigner making a comment about us? Are we still beguiled with that horrid hollowness and feeling of incompleteness that we seek validation from anyone who has the similitude of a reputation? Perhaps, there is still a shred of colonial mentality still lurking somewhere in the shadowy corners of our brain?

I ask all these questions because for the life of me, I really cannot comprehend why so much energy would go into insulting and cursing someone so unaware of our identity as a people, so unaware of our strengths despite all the challenges that constantly harass us. Someone who is  clearly clueless as to the true meaning of dignity of labour. I keep wondering where the basis of comparison comes from. 

Now, I'd never tell you whether she is or isn't worth the trouble or the stress that most have chosen to put into answering her; that is entirely up to you to decide but I want to say that this has given me a bit of perspective and that is:

Aside you, no one has the power to define who you are, except you give them that power because in reality, the power to define who you are is yours and yours alone......handle that power with utmost wisdom!


  1. *sigh* when it comes to kim Kay, I dont know what to do.Plus it doesn't help that she isnt really smart.... or maybe she is and just puts all of us on cruise. we'll never know.

    1. Lol! I suppose not but what does it matter to us either ways?!

  2. I hope you know the tweet was a spoof?

    1. I'm afraid you may have been unable to understand the point I am making here which has absolutely nothing to do with the authenticity of the tweet. Perhaps you would like to give the write-up a once-over?

    2. i follow me it wasnt a spoof..