Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Maxine was folding and packing some clothes into a small travelling bag. She was doing it with quite a lot of vexation. Emerald, her ‘bunkie’, asked for Maxine’s gold pearl earrings which she always wore with her own brown mini gown.
The request made Maxine snap, “Isn’t it about time you bought yours?”

Now, Maxine has never really been your average cuddly and mushy kinda girl but something was obviously wrong.

“You are going away for the weekend.” It wasn’t a question. Emerald’s voice was laced with so much pity.

I have never been able to understand how Maxine and Emerald could possibly have a connection that runs deep but they do. You see, Maxine is a rich kid with parents who are constantly fighting, arguing or insulting each other. They obviously love her to bits because she never goes without but still, she is affected by the lack of love between her parents.

Emerald on the other hand has parents who love each other and make sacrifices but constantly have to struggle to make ends meet. You might say my roommates became such close friends because they find what they long for in each other’s family.

With a lot of plea in her eyes, Maxine asked, “Go with me?”

Emerald graciously declined because she had a date with her recent and rather rich catch. Actually though, I know the real reason she refused was that she was beginning to tire of Maxine’s family drama, regardless of all the luxury she enjoys.

Emerald was beginning to realise that the home she has is golden, even if she has to borrow jewellery and shoes every now and then.

“I’ll walk you to the gate?!”

“You really don’t have to but thanks for offering”

It was sad really, watching Maxine struggle just because she has to go spend the weekend with her parents. She zipped up her bag with so much exaggerated effort and headed for the door. My heart went out to her as she walked off with slumped shoulders as if she had a 50kg cement bag on each one. I watched her as she headed home….