Monday, November 30, 2015

She Won!

"You are mean!'
Went the hiss marked chants of the maddened crowd
Howling stick and stones that may miss or hit
Hoping that they hit more than they miss

She willed her weary frame from ducking
Embracing the incessant pain from hitting objects
Wondering how she got here
She got sucked into a reverie that dulled the numbing noise

She had meant well
She always did, didn't she?
She never shied from spilling truths
Perhaps shared a bit too cold a little too often
But it was truth and she would rather serve cold than not

There could be no greater disservice to humanity
Than truth withheld
Nothing more harmful or heart wrenching
Than face filled of deceitful smile
And false encouragement
The silent traits of traitors

She started to fall and fade
A last mocking smile spreading across her face
A smile that frenzied the already mad crowd
Her eyes started to close as warm liquid trickled down her nose
She would do it over and over again if she could
She hit the ground with a thud of finality
And an unshakable smile that said she had won
She won!

Copyright 2015 @ Seyi Ogunsi