Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nigeria, We Hail Thee……NOT!

Prior to the elections that took place in April 2011, there were series of bombing and security threats in the country. I have never been a politics fanatic but I was particularly struck by the bombings in Jos. Perhaps what caught my attention and even appalled me about the whole matter was that our then acting President made a visit to the distressed areas and refused to make references to the tragic situation. He offered no word of comfort nor made promises to bring the hoodlums to justice.

It was at this point that my red flags started to shoot up and my “retard” alert started to blare. I, of course made made sure to point this out to anyone who so much as mentioned his name. We all got carried away by sentiment because the man-child with no shoes was about to be “cheated” by those who preached zoning. Quite a number of people where even blasphemous enough to proclaim him messiah! We got “hypnotised” by the series of “goodlucks” that Goodluck has had:
·         Going from Assistant Prefect to Head Prefect
·         From Deputy Governor to Governor and
·         From Vice-President to President
I suppose it didn’t matter that negative things had to happen to his direct boss in each case before he replaced them? Goodluck indeed!

Image result for nigerian flag nullWe voted him in and trouble started. Boko Haram, which the President has declared is partially dominated by some members of the civil service, has continually bombed and attacked innocent citizens of this country, wasting lives at will, even on a day as sacred as Christmas. Our beloved President did not at anytime lash out in anger nor make threats, even if they are empty ones.

He even had the guts to tell us on National television that the bombings- the loss of lives and property, the security threats- are part of the burden that Nigerians must bear. I mean, when the President and the Commander-in-Chief of armed forces of Nigeria tells you that you just have to bear the loss of life and lack of security, he tells you in other words that he cannot provide you with security and that you are on your own , whatever happens. What else could you possible expect from that kind of leader???

He told Nigerians that fuel subsidy will be removed in April 2012 but decided it would be best as a New Year heart-felt gift to us all.

Fuel Subsidy removal! What for? Obonjo Iweote tells me it is for:
·         Provision of vocational skills training to reduce unemployment
·         Empowering private business owners to create more and better paying jobs
·         Provision of better health services to reduce maternity death rates
·         Repairing federal roads to reduce accident rates
·         Improvement of the educational system
·         Assess to better power supply
·         Provision of buses for better transportation
·         Bla blab la bla!
Let me tell you something grandma, Nigerians may have suffered and smiled for a long time but most of us certainly aren’t retards (I really can’t speak for good luck here). Do you really think we do not know that these things have always been listed in the national annual budget for God-know-how-long now?? Do you think we have forgotten that these are the things our Presidential aspirants, quite sadly and unfortunately, have been using as campaign strategy since Nigeria’s independence??

Can anyone of you or the past presidents and governors account for all the money that has been allocated for these things in the past years?? Oh! Sorry I forgot…they are in private off-shore accounts, so well hidden that even EFCC doesn’t have enough evidence to nail y’all. Hasn’t there been money allocated for these things this year???

Let’s even assume that you really care and we do need to remove subsidy, what steps has government officials taken to show that they are truly committed to this cause??? Have you stepped forward to state that you all will cut down considerably on your outrageous allowances and salaries?

Jonathan wakes up every day to wear his expensive ever-mourning regalia and sits to a table of breakfast costing just a token of N800, 000 which even a person on minimum wage does not make in a year. Or perhaps we should discuss the necessity for him to change all furniture and utensils in Aso Rock, seeing that Yar’adua died there and cancer has become contagious???

Imagine Goodluck getting house rent, transport, feeding and clothing allowance? Aren’t there tailors permanently at Aso-Rock? And house- rent? What does he need transport allowance for? Does he buy fuel for his convoy or his private jets???

Walahi! Someone ought to give good luck 10 drinks of liver salt a day, he just might grow one!