Monday, December 07, 2015

The flurries of Life

I struggled to find quiet in the silence.
The walls closed in on me in the open space,
Even as claustrophobia rose to choke me throat.
In my crave for calm to this insanity,
I raced into the crowd for refuge,
Trusting the multitude will provide repose.
I search for tranquil in familiar faces
But there is to be no warmth nor home here
I snapped round around like a carousel
Eyes darting in search of the now incessant piercing scream
Hands jerking to defend eardrums threatening to burst
As an ache slammed smack into the fore of my head
Finally, I found my throat was the screeching culprit
My detached mind unaware,
My reflexive hand reaches to yank a handful of hair
Then the sudden tear-spill seized
Drops hanging mid-air and motions stilled
In that moment of earthal pause
Eyes brightened, cheeks blushed,
Shoulders squared, slouch straighten,
And the world relived with my springy step…

Copyright 2015 @ Seyi Ogunsi