Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am a woman,
Of that I am proud.
They say I am of the weaker sex,
It really is no bother.
I may not lift heavy weights,
I may not have muscled arms,
I may not run long races,
I may not jump over high walls. Still,
They are wrong!
I have strength:
Strength to give all of myself
And when I have been trampled upon,
Strength to rise and start over.
I am resilient.
I am intelligent. Though
I may subject myself to the whims of he who has not fully discovered himself. Yet,
I have self-respect which will not be subjected to your caprices.
I have dreams, hopes and aspirations which will not be dashed nor toyed with by your gross selfishness.
I have self-worth which no waste of time, emotion and effort can devalue.
I am the fullness of strength unknown to man.
I am one thing God created that cannot be debased.
I am a woman!
Of that,
I am proud.